Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sen. Merkley of Oregon Exposes GOP Strategy to Defeat Healthcare Reform and Forces Honest Debate

Back in May, Dr. Frank Luntz, GOP consultant and big fan of Newspeak, offered his Republican friends in Congress the roadmap to defeat healthcare reform.  At the time, there was no plan on the table, but they knew reform was coming and their friends in the insurance industry wanted them to defeat it.  So, the good Republican soldiers in congress started repeating the blueprint points verbatim.  Per the plan, they’re for reform, just not any reform that would cause the insurance companies any pleasantries.

Enter Senator Jeff Merkley, Democrat from Oregon.  On the floor of the Senate, he exposes this playbook and calls for an honest debate. 

It’s great, watch:

Word up to Bob Cesca for the tip.

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