Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WTF?!? Kos Exposes Fox News’ Habit of Turning Disgraced (R)s to (D)s

People, for the love of God, stop watching Fox News.  They are lying to us on a daily basis.  They are manipulating information for the political benefit of the GOP.  Now, I realize how obvious that last statement is.  I am fully aware that they exist solely to advance the GOP game plan.  But the subtle thing I’m about to share is completely and totally reprehensible.

Daily Kos has a series of screenshots from Fox News showing former Republican golden boy, Mark Sanford, with an (R) following his name every time.  At today’s press conference, he has a (D).

During the stimulus fight:

Sanford R

During today’s press conference:

Sanford D

To prove this isn’t just a mistake, that there is indeed a pattern of displaying disgraced Republicans as (D), the Kos has more photos.

Freedom of the press exists because the founding fathers believed that the public deserved unfettered access to the facts.  By manipulating facts to meet their ends, Fox News has time and again betrayed the public trust.  Unfortunately, the only way to get them to change their ways is to stop watching them.  Sadly, they’re the highest rated cable news channel in the country.

Please, put the word out.  People need to open their eyes.  Until they do, they will continue to be played for suckers.


Even more proof here.

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