Wednesday, July 8, 2009

60 Votes Don’t Matter When We Have Senators Like Evan Bayh

It’s a great week to be a Democrat, right?  I mean, since Al Franken has been sworn in, and we have a filibuster proof majority, bills like health care reform should have no problem getting an up/down vote, right?

Now is the time I wish I could spell out the sound of a turntable stylus being yanked from a record because one of my senators, Evan Bayh of Indiana, is ruining the party!

Evan Bayh , a moderate from Indiana, said he would not be inclined to vote to cut off a filibuster on a bill if he opposed the substance of the underlying measure, and he predicted his colleagues would feel the same way.

“Most senators aren’t sheep,” he said. “They don’t just go blindly along without thinking about things, and I don’t think we want them to do that.”

Over at Political Animal, the astute Steve Benen notes

It's hard to overstate how absurd this is. If legislation Bayh doesn't like comes to the floor, he can vote against it. Before that, he can offer amendments, give speeches, and encourage others to agree with him. Senators, as he noted, aren't sheep. Some bills may enjoy the party's support, but not everyone in the party will see the issue the same way.

But that's not what Bayh is arguing here. He's saying he's inclined to help the failed, discredited minority block the Senate from even giving bills a vote in the first place. It's not enough for Bayh to vote with Republicans on key issues, he wants to help the GOP ensure there is no vote.

This is so upsetting.  Bayh was our Governor and I always liked him.  Now it appears that he’s preparing to honor the insurance companies that have bought his services.

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