Monday, July 6, 2009

Fox News 2010 Primetime Lineup…Beck, O’Reilly, Palin, and Hanity – Yes, Sadly, We’re Stuck With Sarah Palin

sarah-palin-fish Sarah Palin scares me.  She scared me when she first spoke at last year’s Republican National Convention.  She scared me when people bough it, giving the McCain campaign a huge bump in the polls immediately after the convention.  She scared me when she was on the campaign trail, playing to the racist (Obama/Wright), terrorist (Obama/Ayres) fears of the crowd. 

After the election, she never really went away.  At times, it seemed like a comedy act with all the ethics inquiries and the Bristol/Levi nonsense.  Don’t forget about the will she/won’t she be there hilarity of the June GOP fundraiser.  More recently, there was the David Letterman dust-up followed by last week’s Vanity Fair article.

Which brings me to last Friday’s resignation.  I’ve been stewing on this all weekend.  I’m not going to speculate as to her motivations, political or otherwise.  She quit, therefore she’s a quitter and will always be a quitter.  This fact makes it nearly impossible for her to ever run for office again. 

That said, there are millions of people out there that love her regardless of what she does.  She speaks for them, and God knows idiots need somebody to verbalize what they’re thinking.  If you know that, then you must know that she’ll never go away.  She always wanted to be famous.  The story is that she loved ESPN so much, and having wanted to work there, she named her daughter after the network’s home town (Bristol, CT).  Now, she is famous (or infamous).  Add fame to America’s short attention span and that always Christian value of forgiveness (only when the person in question is on their side!  Otherwise, forget it!), and we’ll end up with Fox News’ hottest new crazy hour!  Either that, or she’ll be the next big, conservative talk radio thing, which will give us three to four more hours of batshit.  Great!

Regardless, we’re stuck with her.  Once again, thanks a million, John McCain!


  1. Yes, thank you John McCain and crew (actually Steve Schmidt is the one who picked Caribou Barbie to run as V-P) for creating a monster when you gave this woman the national spotlight. Will she ever just go away?!? Please??

  2. and andrew t. says "Which brings me to last Friday’s resignation.  I...quit."

    thanks andrew!