Tuesday, July 14, 2009

German Pimp Offers Discount for Customers Arriving on Bike, Bus

Here’s one way to encourage folks to think eco-friendly.  Thanks to the Guardian UK, I learned of a brothel owner in Germany who is offering a discount for those arriving either by bike or bus.

Thomas Goetz, owner of a Berlin brothel called Maison d'Envie, is currently offering a discount to any customer who arrives by bicycle or public transport.

"The recession has hit our industry hard," Goetz told Reuters. "Obviously we hope that the discount will attract more people. It's good for business, it's good for the environment – and it's good for the girls."

Hey, everybody wins!  Here’s the deal:

Any punter who arrives by bike – the puns readily spring to mind with this story – or who can prove they've travelled by public transport qualifies for the discount (they must present a valid ticket and a map of Berlin's public transport network upon arrival). The room hire for a 45-minute "session" is normally €70 (£60), but cyclists qualify for a €5 "eco" discount. Customers with, er, less time on their hands can opt for the 15-minute session which normally costs €30, but with that eco discount it drops down to €25. (For unexplained reasons, though, no eco discount is available for a 60-minute session. The mind boggles.)

It seems to be working, though, as Goetz says the offer is attracting three to five new customers every day, adding that the incentive has helped to reduce traffic and parking congestion in the local area.

When it comes to the environment, this is the forward kind of thinking we need in this country!  Ha!

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