Thursday, July 30, 2009

Most Americans Polled Think Palin Should Stay Home!

Sarah Palin has always freaked me out.  To me, watching her is reminiscent of fingernails on a chalk board.  And, frankly, her supporters are out of their minds batshit.  That said, Palin has the gifts of charm and charisma.  If she says the right things the right way and who knows what could happen.  That’s why I find her to be very dangerous.

Imagine my relief to come across this little piece of gold, courtesy of Think Progress:

When Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska over the weekend, she left pundits and politicos to speculate about her next career move, with the latest rumor focusing on Palin hosting a radio show. Earlier this week, Fox News released a poll revealing a plurality of Americans think Palin shouldn’t do radio — or be involved in politics:

About a third of Americans think the best job for Palin is homemaker (32 percent), while nearly one in five see her as a television talk show host (17 percent). Vice president of the United States comes in third (14 percent), followed closely by college professor (10 percent), with president coming last (6 percent).

Republicans think the best job for Palin is vice president (27 percent), followed by homemaker (18 percent), talk show host (14 percent), president (12 percent) and professor (7 percent).

According to the Fox poll, 51 percent of Americans have a negative view of Palin, compared to 38 percent who say they have a favorable opinion of her.

And a Fox News poll at that.  I often wonder about the American people and their ability to see through BS.  I got pretty sour on our citizens after G. Dubs won twice.  “How is this possible?” I would ask.  This poll renews my faith, if only just a little.

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