Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Afternoon Snack

It gives me great pleasure to introduce TaliDan into the fold. Please join me in welcoming him. I'm confident he's going to bring some great flavor to ATIOTC!
-The Management

peeps! I am honored to be given the opportunity to contribute to ATIOTC! I hope I do not disappoint. So I am on vacation, kickin' it, trying to get caught up on a few things. What this means simply is that my first post will be less edgy than my fiery emails AndrewT is used to seeing. But for some odd reason, I am feeling like Bruce Banner on Day 2 of my respite...must.not.ruin.vacay (nervous grin)....I, I, I, watched Orly Taitz on HuffPo this am.

Then I wandered back to the HuffPo home page only to see Hank Williams Jr. pointing at me (I figured he would be a Cowboys fan). Yikes! Still in shock I scroll down only to see that Chuck Norris has stopped counting to infinity twice to say he loves him some Dobbs.

Blood Pressure-check. Coffee stain on shirt as I spit-check. Must.not.ruin vacay. So the only way I can address this today is with some humor. Here might be a sneak peak at our future if Orly, Lil' Hank, Chucky were to get their way:

Oh my. I feel better. I love vacation. First Post Bonus:
Breaking News! Bill of "Friends of Bill" fame has been dispatched to bring home our journalists from North Korea! Take that Chuck, you couldn't carry Bill's dirty drawers (and you couldn't hold a candle to Dr. Khlan). Go Bill! PS Maybe Bill should check here:

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