Friday, August 21, 2009

Counter Demonstration in South Bend, Indiana Tomorrow, August 22, at 11 am

I received this message from today:

An anti-reform group has scheduled a rally at Congressman Donnelly's office in a show of support AGAINST health care reform. We need your help again! They are instructing people from outside the area to come into South Bend. We need to demonstrate to our legislators and the media that public option supporters outnumber the anti-reformers and so, we will peacefully gather to show our support FOR health care reform! They have called it for noon, so we are asking our people to come an hour before. If that's too early, anytime you can make it will be great!

Let’s go people!  If you happen to be in or around Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan and want to see real health care reform, with a true American Plan; a plan that offers choice, affordability and portability, then come to South Bend, Indiana tomorrow.  We meet at the corner of Colfax and Main at 11 am.  The Northwest Indiana Patriots will be there to voice their opposition to the American Plan.  We need to outnumber these folks and send them back to “The Region” with their tails between their legs!  If you do decide to come, don’t wear red as that’s their color.  Apparently, the anti-reform movement spawned from an offshoot of the Bloods.  Does that make us Crips?


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By the way, I’m interested in good ideas for signs.  If you have a catchy slogan in favor of health care, let me know!

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