Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fox News Runs Background Check on Little Girl Who Asked Question at President Obama’s Town Hall

Fox News continues to plummet through the floor of decency, straight to hell where their masters reside.

Today, because they don’t have anything better to cover, they have decided to run a background check on the little girl who posed a question to President Obama.

Of all the miserable, low life, dirty, no good motherfuckers.

Look at that heading, “Critics Question Makeup of Crowd at Obama Town Hall.”  No, fuck holes, you, Fox News, are questioning the makeup.  Why, because it was civil?  Because your lemming minions were unable to disrupt the proceedings? 

And because it was civil, you are going to accuse an 11 year old girl of being a plant.  That’s the only explanation you have, isn’t it?  Does that mean that if I ask a question at a civil town hall and Fox News doesn’t like it, are they going to check me out?  Let’s not forget about all the sheeple that watch your 24 hours of puke opinion.  You know, the ones that are carrying swastikas and toting firearms (yeah, it was legal, but the only thing he proved was that he was an asshole) to public events, one of them is bound crazy enough to do something about it. 

But that doesn’t bother Fox does it?  It’s free speech, isn’t it?  All right then, assholes.  How about we fuck with your cash instead?

Here’s a list and a petition you can sign.  Boycott these companies.  Money talks.


Apparently it’s not just Fox News who’s up in arms about this as the nutter blogs are freaking out about it as well.  Steve Benen at Political Animal reminds everybody:

Indeed, I'm a little surprised conservative bloggers would even consider this topic worthy of outrage. When Bush was president, public town-hall meetings were carefully pre-packaged, organized, controlled, scripted events. Public audiences were screened to make sure attendees agreed with the party line, and if White House officials didn't like a ticket-holder's bumper sticker or lapel pin, he/she was denied entry.

Ticket distribution was limited to local Republican Parties, and once in a while, Americans who wanted to participate in the town-hall meetings were required to sign "loyalty oaths." In some instances, a White House advance team would literally rehearse events in advance to make sure attendees said the right things to the president.

In contrast, President Obama deliberately sought out attendees yesterday who were skeptical of health care reform. "Kabuki"? Please.


  1. I am curious how you would know they ran a background check?\.

    Did you know that the 11 year old girl is the daughter of a big time Obama supporter. She is a lawyer and has given money to the Obama campaign. And her law firm has given more money to Obama.

    I also question why the president would ask an 11 year old to get into what is actually an adult debate.

    Was she a plant? Don't know but it sure looks suspicious.

  2. Mark,

    Who cares? Seriously, what did she ask that was so offensive or threatening? As for knowing about the background check, watch the freaking clip! They're digging up information on an 11 year old! Why is that ok with you?

  3. As a parent, I know that it is good practice to involve children in those community service things you are yourself involved in. Encouraging a child to write/ ask a question is just the thing this mother would do. Obama calls on one child every time that I've noticed. I can't say if this was planted, but I am not so suspicious. It seems plausible to me. It also seems to be the kind of question a bright child with limited knowledge of the underlying storyline might ask. Why are there mean signs out there? Why would anyone be against this? I certainly President Obama is not taking up the practice of planting question, but this doesn't answer the question for me. I wish FOX would have cared a tad more about such a possibility these last 8 years, though.

  4. I think you are a little over the top on this "background check" thing. There are plenty of ways the press gets information without resorting to background checks.

    What would they find on an 11 year old in a background check anyway? She pretty much has no history.

  5. Yeah, I guess you're right. Asking questions about one's mother's political donations and their whereabouts on Easter has nothing to do with checking out one's past a/k/a background.

  6. "Suspicious"? "Suspicious???"

    So you like the president, you donate money to his campaign and you get your child all excited about government and being involved in the process. You take her to the White House for an Easter Egg hunt.

    Oh, for shame, Lawyer Mother. How dare you interest your middle school age daughter in politics, in the future of her country. How dare you let her think that she's allowed to speak and ask questions?

    Free speech is for grownups, little girl, for people who have the right beliefs and the right party affiliation. Free speech is only for Conservative, God-fearing, My Country Right or Wrong Americans who know that Liberals are free-spending, godless heathens who will bankrupt this nation and turn it into a big Socialist same-sex orgy.

    It was a Town Hall, Fox. It would be nice if it truly wasn't staged but as Laura points out, staging has become common practice. At least this president seems to stack the deck to encourage a discussion.

    But no. We'd rather have people screaming down anyone who disagrees with them and feel like we won the day. THAT's a successful Town Hall event.

    I'm thoroughly depressed now.

  7. OOPS, looks like the Boston Globe was the first news media to break this story and question the selection of teh 11 year old.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

    You can look it up.

  8. Christ, Mark. Bubble not burst. Post remains the same.

    Boston Globe interviews mother and child to discuss her family's involvement in civics, politics, and the 2008 presidential campaign. Fox News runs story targeting 11 year old girl and her family accusing them of being plants.

    If you're trying to play gotcha with me on where the information came from, then I will concede. You win the battle of defining "background check"! Congratulations!

    Now, defend the Fox News story. I dare you.