Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If You Don’t Get the Health Care You Want, Blame Yourself

Alright, Democrats. Un-ball yourselves from the corner and remove your thumbs from your mouths. Stand up! Throw your shoulders back and suck in that gut! If you’re not happy with what’s happening with health care reform, then do something about it!

I know you’re all bent because it appears that fearless leader is folding on everything that is good and meaningful regarding health care reform. Yes, it’s looking pretty bleak. Rachel Maddow says that the public option is dead because Democrats have a “lack of political ambition.” While that might be true, they certainly haven’t heard from us on the subject. And if they haven’t heard from us, then why should they care to do anything about it?

See, for all intents and purposes, it appears that the only people who care about health care reform are the people that want it dead. Yes, they’ve been lied to and they’re pushing those lies. Yes, they’re pawns for the insurance industry. Yes, they’re a small percentage of a small percentage of people who identify themselves as Republicans. But they’re loud, they’re throwing a tantrum, and it’s working.

Why should the President do anything for you? Those of you who want health care reform haven’t been heard. You haven’t been seen. We should be steamrolling this thing. We are the majority for Christ sakes! This is exactly what we voted for last year. When this whole debate started, nearly three-quarters of the country wanted reform, with a public option! And now, we’re sitting on the sidelines crying because, once again, our Government is letting us down.

The fact is, Government isn’t letting us down. They’re responding to what they hear. No, it is we who are letting us down. We’re the ones who aren’t doing anything about it. We want everything to come to us. If we loose health care it’s because the insurance industry wanted it more. Yes, they have more money, but we have numbers! We should be in the street! If everybody who wanted health care reform was to go out and peacefully march, I promise you, the anti-reform party, and this debate, would be over.

But no, we wring our hands, blame the President and congress for selling us short, because, once again, they can’t do anything right. When actually, they’re answering the people that care enough to be heard, and it’s not you. It’s them. The same people we make fun of because they’re crazy, or stupid, or don’t make any sense are beating us silly. Ignorance and lies are winning and we’re letting it happen. For that, we should be ashamed.

If you were listening during the election, President Obama always said that he’s just one man and that he can’t make change without us. If we’re not going to stand up for what’s right; if we’re not going to let him know that we care, then why should he, or congress, bother. We don’t deserve change. In fact, through inaction, we deserve exactly what we get.

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