Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Seven Years, Health Insurance Industry Sees 428% Increase in Profits While Number of Uninsured Grows

I think it’s fairly obvious as to why big health care insurers are fighting reform.  Frankly, the money is too good to just roll over and allow change to happen.  But when you see numbers like these, things really begin to come into focus:

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When dealing with the health of this country and people’s lives, profits are the last thing that should matter. 


  1. This is looking strangely like housing prices that lenders and Wall Street believed would keep going up forever. Are insurance and Big Pharma just getting all they can while they can because they **know** such profits can't be sustained much longer?

  2. I'm so glad that the Republicans are working hard to let them keep their hard earned money. "Capitalism Forever!" is their motto, right?
    Check out my examiner article on healthcare reform and let me know what you think.