Friday, August 21, 2009

Jon Stewart Challenges Betsy McCaughey’s “Death Panel” Claims-Even With Giant Binder, She Can’t Prove It

Betsy McCaughey didn’t coin the phrase “Death Panel.”  That was Sarah Palin.  No, McCaughey just pressed the idea that Medicaid recipients would be required to discuss the end of their lives with their doctor every five years.  She’s the one who made it sound like the Government, after you’re old and decrepit, was going to go to your house, take you out back, and ask, “gas, injection, or bullet to the head.”  I like to call it the Old Yeller directive.

So, here she is, on the Daily Show, with her giant binder that contains half of the House health care reform bill, trying to prove her point.  Needless to say, it’s hard to prove a lie when you’re lying.

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Um…er…um…stammer…it’s here somewhere, right?  Nope, you’re lying, liar.

Word to TPM!

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  1. Just saw a crooks&liars post that sez she got shitcanned... Good for you Mr. Stewart. And, can't forget Maddow: she's been kicking astroturf for weeks.