Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael Steele Drops By to Deliver Pile of Manure in the Form of a New RNC Email

Michael Steele stopped by yesterday in the form of an email.  He’s so funny.  He’s poutin’ and fightin’ mad about these liberals calling his people “right-wing extremist(s)”.

Dear Andrew,

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) released a memo late yesterday attacking you as a right-wing extremist.

We saw this sort of vitriolic rhetoric this past April when Democrats smugly dismissed grassroots protests against their out-of-control spending. These Tea Parties were ruthlessly mocked by the liberal elites and the mainstream media.

Now as public support for the Obama Democrats' government-run health care plan unravels, they're using this fear-and-smear tactic to silence ANY American who disagrees with their risky scheme to nationalize one-fifth of our economy and limit your health care choices. It's a page out of their standard playbook of name calling and outright lies to stifle all debate.

Andrew, Republicans want responsible health care reform that makes health care more affordable and accessible, and keeps you and your doctor in charge of your medical choices -- but we want to get it right and we want to do it without ramming it through Congress on a trumped-up deadline.

Yes!  Grassroots protests!  It’s a completely organic movement made of plastic, green paint, and shredded tires! 

I truly enjoy our time together, Mr. Steele.  Oh, you’re so victimized, aren’t you.  It’s so hard to be a Republican these days, especially since rational thinking Republicans are being brought down by the crazy ones stifling debate by shouting down any intelligent conversation.  Yeah, you know, those right-wing extremists you and you’re corporate cronies have whipped into a frenzy and sent out into the world.  As for lies and fear, well, we both know you have that market cornered with your SOCIALIZED MEDICINE and RATIONED HEALTH CARE and THE GOVERNMENT WILL KILL OLD PEOPLE stories.  Good thing for you, somebody is reading your messages, like the 30% that still have your back.

Well, Mr. Steele, I must be running along.  I need to tend to my garden and you’ve given me the best fertilizer!

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