Friday, August 21, 2009

New Ad Exposes the Real Death Panels

Death panels, as Sarah Palin describes them, are a myth.  There is no provision in any proposed bill that would allow the Government, or anybody else for that matter, to do away with grammie and grampie because they are too expensive to care for or no longer serve a productive purpose in society. 

That said, there are death panels.  Real life death panels, staffed by groups of doctors, employed by insurance companies.  These doctors decide whether a procedure is covered or not.  The decision to go forward with a treatment or not often depends on money.  The more money the death panel saves, the bigger the reward.  Fabulous cash and merchandise, anybody?

That’s why this ad, from Americans United for Change is so great.  Not only do they disprove the death panel myth, as Sarah Palin describes it, but they prove that rationing care is happening by the private tax takers in the private insurance industry.

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