Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rational Discourse 2

As Yoda might say, dangerous times we are in. I hate to dwell on the negative, but there is a pattern emerging here. We have Re-Thug congressman making jokes about lynching. We have Dem congressman receiving death threats over health care. We have crazy signs and emails showing up all over the place, some by very young children. We have Bill O'Reilly whipping up anti-abortion frenzy. We have Glenn Beck. He has told people to stop paying taxes, warned about gun rights, warned about health care, called Obama a racist. He has hosted guests that suggest that what we really need is another good 'ol turrist attack to remind us of what we have in this country (wonder if that has anything to do with his 9/12 project?).

We had the murder of three police officers in Pennsylvania linked to a nut who thought Obama was here to take away his guns. We had a murder at the holocaust museum linked to a man who was afraid of losing his boomsticks. We had the Department of Homeland Security issue a memo warning about possible right wing terrorist groups, only to have John Boehner cry foul.

And now we have a shooting at a gym in Pennsylvania. Now most stories seem to indicate that he had "women trouble". True, but he was also a fervent anti-democrat gun nut. And now we have Glenn Beck walking back on violence (think Corporate received enough emails??/)

What we have here is a powder keg, with anger being fomented by soap-box heroes ('I am not saying that you should consider doing anything violent, I'm just saying'). Death threats are up 400% against Obama. All of this political hate is happening at a time when unemployment keeps going higher. This angst over a job can sometimes be the straw that broke the camels back. Its times like these that we all need to be alert. If crazy hate filled speech is being spouted, contact the advertisers. Do not let them get away with yelling fire in a crowded theater (not free speech BTW). On a personal level, watch for signs of friends, family, and co-workers may be stressed, or even depressed. Make sure that we as a community help each other, because as Obama said..."this will pass". Times may be tough for a little while longer, but the worse thing that could happen is for people to give up on Progress.

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