Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rational Discourse

So there has been a lot of press the past few days over disruptions at town hall meetings. The right claims we are witnessing a real grassroots movement made up of angry citizens. The left points out that Dick Army's band of corporate lobbyists have been shipping these folks to these meetings with marching orders complete with an instruction manual.

I know sometimes we seem to have A.D.D. as a country, but didn't we just have an election? Is it possible that everyone who voted for Obama missed his stump for health care reform? (shot out to my man Bernie Mac..."America, please"). ri-donk-ulous. But I don't want to talk about the town hall fiascos or health care tonight. I do want to discuss hypocrisy, hip-hypocrisy, and ideology.

Whatever your political stripes, I think we can agree that we have problems in the good ole US of A today. We can disagree on how best to solve them, but solutions will only arise if done with honest debate, facts, and not sticking our fingers in our ears. So far this year we have seen: 99.99% of the Party of No voting against the economic stimulus, yet rushing home to lay claim to the spoils. We have GOP budgets with no numbers, and a health care plan that basically is "leave it as is". In short, it feels as if the GOP grabbed the gavel, took it home, and gave the dems the raspberries on the way out the door. Now we have feigned anger at town hall meetings (unbelievable as it may seen Mr. Mavericky John McCain stopped yelling at the clouds to Tweet about the town hall disruptions).

We have a party that says the president can choose justices at his will, but now wants to stand in the way (some even who voted for her previously now have concerns, even if her record is non-controversial). We have the Obama Bear market in stocks in February, but no credit for the recent run up in stocks. Where was the outrage over deficits the past 8 years? We have John Bolton, Dick Morris, and Charles Krauthammer bashing Bill Clinton for bringing home our citizens. Really. Is everything this black and white? Can there be no credit given for anything? Ideology is a funny thing. At some point, it would be nice to discuss the issues. Its quite refreshing.

Which brings me to the Young Cons. They serve three purposes tonight: hypocrisy, bad rappin', and ideology. One, if you can stomach their "rap", they have some line about being a big tent..."Gay, straight, Christian or Muslim, there's one thing we all hate called socialism" then go on to say "thank you miss Cali for reminding us of marriage". Thankfully we have FiredogLake. This is the blogger who has recently been chasing down GOP congressman on the Hill to ask them if they believe Obama was born in the U.S. Honest debate, honest discussion, listening, and countering lies with facts. That is the Way. The pen is mightier than the sword and the Truth will set you free. Thanks FDL.

Oh and young Cons, ditch Reagan. This is how its done.

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