Monday, August 10, 2009

Recap of Rep. Joe Donnelly’s Town Hall in South Bend, Indiana

Some of you may have noticed a number of random posts from me, over the weekend. without headlines.  It was an (unsuccessful) experiment in blogging via text.  Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) held a town hall at Martin’s Supermarket in South Bend, Indiana.  Due to a family obligation out of town, I was unable to go.  In my stead, My brother, Nick, was kind enough to attend the and fire off text reports, which I forwarded to the ATiotC. 

Nick had a lousy vantage point and couldn’t hear much of what was being said.  However, did a great job going up to people and asking what they were saying.  One gentleman who Nick said raised a bit of a ruckus told him that he wanted Government to stay out of their hair.  It was reported that another woman said that people who go to the emergency room without the means to pay for it should be arrested.  Another woman said that it was just like Germany.

Overall, it sounded like a peaceful affair.  The local news report highlighted a gentleman who’s house was between anti and pro reform factions, which leads me to believe that it was the best angle they could come up with.  Please click here for the story and the clip.  Pay particular attention to Mr. Pig Sign Batshit and his crazy battlin’, screamin’ at the clouds method of changing hearts and minds.

In case you missed it, Pig Sign Batshit said, “If they want true health care reform they will get competition back into health care by keeping the government out of it.”  Yes, because the competition private insurers have had this whole time is doing such a great job, right Batshit?  What an idiot.  That crazy pig sign scream of his is really going to change minds, or bring rain, I’m not sure which. 

As for the two ladies my brother overheard, it sickens me to think that we have so many heartless people in this country.  You know the “they should arrest those who can’t pay for the emergency room” lady would be the first one screaming for Government assistance should she ever come across an catastrophic medical situation and be denied coverage, or go bankrupt. 

As for the Germany lady, she needs to turn off Glenn Beck and think about this for a second (I’m sure that’s hard as her statement proves she can’t think for herself).  We’re taking about health insurance.  Getting people proper care at an affordable price, without fear of loosing coverage because they’re sick.  She’s talking about a country that allowed a Government to kill millions of people based on their religion.  Big difference there, dumb ass.

Having said all that, I’m proud that nothing crazy happened in my hometown.  I want to thank Nick for going and shooting me the reports.

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