Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Required Reading – Thoughts on Misplaced Republican Anger

This beautiful Sunday morning, I offer three articles that you must read.  I’ll offer them the same way I found them, which is working backwards, but the effect is the same.  First, there are two posts, here and here, from the Steve Benen at the Political Animal.  He shares an exchange he had with Bruce Bartlett, who worked for both Regan and Bush #1.  These exchanges were based on Bartlett’s article he wrote for the Daily Beast, which can be found here.

Bartlett’s statements are powerful.  Essentially, he says that angry conservatives have no credibility as their rage was absent during G. Dubs’ management during the country.  Until they, Republicans, accept and admit their mistakes, they should not be considered credible.

Good stuff and should be read immediately.

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  1. Andrew, thanks for finding these wonderful articles. I feel so empowered now. Most of this info is so hard to come by. There's so much CRAP to weed through, I would have never come across most of this info if not for this article. You have given me more substance for my arguments.
    Keep it coming.