Monday, August 3, 2009

This Just in, BHO is the AC…So Why Am I Loosing My Mind?

Yesterday, my man, known as Talidan, sent me this clip and said, “Here’s what you’re up against.”  The name of the clip is “Did Jesus Give Us the Name of the Antichrist?”  Gee, with a title like that, I wonder who they think the Antichrist is?  You can watch the clip for yourself, but in the interest of saving precious minutes, I’ll spoil it below.

The video takes two bible verses and five minutes of biblical interpretation, comes up with two Hebrew words, baraq and bamah.  What’s really funny, like twisted, nervous funny, is the fact that after they’ve made their conclusion; after the angry pictures of the president have faded off, they offer a disclaimer saying that “This film is not to DECLARE that BHO is the antichrist.  It is only a statement of fact concerning the use of certain Hebrew words in relation to the words of Jesus.  The correlations are striking.  Thus, the production of this film.” 

You know, they make a good point.  I mean, back in the day, if I played my Iron Maiden albums backwards, I learned that they worshipped Satan.  What’s even more striking is that if I played the same albums forward, I learned that they still worshipped Satan, only it was more understandable.  And, on top of that, there was NOTHING IN AL CAPONE’S VAULT!!!  It’s conspiracy on top of conspiracy!!!  And I don’t know why, but I hear WGN radio in my head, especially in the middle of the night, and the RADIO ISN’T ON!!!  I ask my wife if she can hear it, but all she does is tell me to go back to sleep!  AND SHE’S MEAN ABOUT IT!!!  Arruugghh!!!  You know what it is, don’t you?  It’s fluoride!  Fluoride in the water.  Fluoride in my toothpaste.  Fluoride in the dentist’s office.  Fluoride is sucking away my will to live!!!  My only solace is Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, and wrestling.  Man, I love the Rock…

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