Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Town Hall Protesters-Can’t Get Any More Un-American Than These Fascists

The health care fight is getting ugly. The House is on recess and the Senate is on break starting Friday. That means representatives are going back to their constituencies to let the people know what’s going on in Washington. It also gives the people an opportunity to talk directly with their Congressman or woman, allowing them to voice their opinions on what’s happening on Capital Hill.

Of course, the big topic this year is health care reform. Having nothing constructive to add to the health care debate, the tea bagging faction of the right is taking their hostility to town hall meetings across the country. The strategy, developed by the same Astroturf lobbying firms who brought us the tax day “balls in mouth” (yeah, I’m being childish, but fuck them…they’re bullies and do not get my respect) fests, is to disrupt the town hall by heckling representatives and shouting down any point of view that runs counter to theirs. They bark hostile questions, which the mob loudly approves, and then bark at the Rep. when the Rep. tries to answer.

See, they don’t care about answers. They only care about disruption, intimidation and the appearance of protest. They want it to look like everybody is hoppin’ mad about health care reform. Fill the room with loud protest for the media, who will more than likely return to report that Americans don’t want reform. Make the host representative look bad by rattling them. Throw them off their game. Worse still, if anybody in the room is actually for health care, shout them down and intimidate them. Bully them into shutting up.

Now, I don’t deny that these people are angry. They obviously care enough to show up and yell, shout, and scream. That’s fine. We’re Americans and their voices should be heard…as should everybody else in the room that has something to say. The irony is that these Fascist fucks, in fighting for their cause by drowning out any discussion or debate, only accomplish one thing…shitting on the liberties they claim they are fighting for. It appears that their attitude is free speech is great, as long as it’s their speech. People with opinions different from theirs are wrong, stupid, and evil. These "protesters" claim to be patriots, just like Thomas, Madison, and Adams. In reality, they’re about as un-American as it gets.

It might be different if they had any ideas. If they did, they might want to discuss them openly. Surprise! They don’t. All they have left is fear and intimidation. The power brokers have armed the villagers with pitchforks and torches, stoked their rage, and sent them out into the world. Too bad they’re not smart enough to know that they’re being played. Simple fools being used as tools by the corporation. I guess I feel sorry for them. In fact, when this is all over, I hope they get great health care.

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