Sunday, August 30, 2009


TaliDan here. Its certainly been a reflective week while watching the memorial for Senator Ted Kennedy. It was motivating to look back upon the years, listening to story after story about Teddy and the Kennedy legacy in general. Bill Maher hosted Bill Moyers on his HBO show. It was a very poignant piece. Mr. Moyers opened with a very focused rant on health care. Basically he said, "We are in this together. Money won't buy everything. Some things don't have a price tag, but a value system." He went on to say that the drug companies, insurance companies, and Wall Street currently decides who lives and who dies, all for profit not social justice. He stated that President Obama needs to make this a moral issue, similar to what JFK did for Civil Rights. He wishes President Obama would lead more like Teddy Roosevelt, who was not afraid to pick a fight (his was against greed and Wall Street). In summary, Obama should fight instead of nibbling around the edges. Instead of finesse, say its the right thing to do instead of citing actuarial curves. Mr. Moyers is appalled that the GOP is setting the agenda, the same GOP that ran the U.S. into the ground for eight years and left us with few options. We had an election. The democrats have a large majority, and the GOP has set the tone. This just shows how deep the tentacles of corporate America have delved. Mr. Moyers also had an interesting take on the current situation. He basically said, go for it all. "a half a loaf of bread doesn't feed the crowd". He would rather see no loaf to keep people hungry, rather than watering down the bill. Truman was defeated in his Medicare bill, but it laid the groundwork for JFK/LBJ to finally pass it. If Obama fails, so be it. He would have tried, and the base will stay on the offensive.

That being said, I was taken by the moral angle of this issue. This will fit nicely, for my mini tribute to the Kennedy's and the general idea of a greater good.
Part of JFK's speech on civil rights (moral issue),Ted's eulogy at Bobby's funeral (change does not happen by the those who are comfortable), and Ted himself on health care (morality of money deciding who lives and who dies). This is a treasure trove of motivation.

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