Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why do Selfish Baby Boomers Insist on Ruining Things For Future Generations?

s-SPECTER-large Anybody else notice that the majority of the town hall protesters are old?  If I was to guess age, I’d guess mid-fifties and older.  I suppose we can call them Baby Boomers, yes?  Weren’t Baby Boomers supposed to change the world?  Isn’t what all that hippy crap was about?  Peace and love?  Fairness and equality?

The Baby Boomers were brought to us by what Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.”  My grandparents would be included in that group.  They learned the to value the dollar and the meaning of during the depression.  They put that knowledge to use during World War II.  They, through hard work, determination, and sacrifice, made this country a world powerhouse.  It seemed that they could do no wrong.

So what do they do?  They come home from war to produce the most spoiled, selfish generation this country has ever seen.  See, the Greatest Generation went out of their way to make sure their children had everything they desired.  This came with disastrous consequences.

First, they rebel from their parents, tell them that they’re square, and run off to live some hippy, weed drenched, communal fantasy.  Meanwhile, the haves go off to college and the have nots to go war.  Consequently, the have nots come home broken and the haves go on to take corporate jobs.  Because everybody was stoned, they run off and get married, only to find that after sobriety and a couple of kids, they realize that they don’t like the person they married, subsequently divorcing.  This leaves half of a new generation, my generation, screwed up due to lack of whole parental units.  Finally, the entire generation seemingly ditches the whole peace and love movement for the almighty dollar and sells out their children’s future for profits today.  Don’t believe me?  Watch any PBS retrospective on the 60s and notice how the most full blown hippy now looks like one of the Cleaver parents from “Leave it to Beaver.”

Now, this same generation, who, consequently, has been perpetrating generational theft (that’s right John McCain) on my generation my entire 37 years, doesn’t want to reform health care.  They don’t want to pay for somebody else and they’ll be Goddamned if there’re going to allow the Government to be involved.  But, for the love of God, don’t touch their Medicare benefits-Government administered Medicare benefits-that we all pay for. 

This self-centered selfishness knows no bounds.  Oh, and God forbid we ask them to give something up.  Their parents sacrificed during WWII, rationing everything from gas to nylons, all in the name of winning the war.  Today, we go to war and not only are we not asked to sacrifice to insure victory, we barely know there’s a war going on!  They paid for war with sacrifice.  We pay for ours with credit.

Now, understand, I know I’m being overly broad here.  I love my parents, aunts, uncles, co-workers and friends who are older than I am (you know who you are) and they shouldn’t be lumped into my generalization.  I also know that the protesters are a small percentage of the small percentage of people who identify with that group.  However, I can’t help but to get upset with the knowledge that I will be funding the health care for the same people that fight to deny my family a fair shake at quality care. 

I resent it.  For once, I wish they would think about not just their children, but their grandchildren.  Ultimately, it’s the grandchildren who will need it more than we do now. 

If you have a problem with my assessment of the Baby Boomer generation above, then why don’t you make it right by getting your hands out from under your ass and doing something about it.  Put some of that activism you all were so proud of in your youth towards something that really matters.  In this case, a healthier society.  I assure you, while my resentment is general and broad, it comes from somewhere and I’m not alone.  Restore honor to your generation and do what’s right!

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  1. I despise the baby boomers. They are the most self promoting, greeedy and the most
    selfish generation to ever exist in
    American history. If fact I don't call them "boomers". I call them a "generation of vipers"! This gen-Xer wants all boomers to know that you all are NOT my heroes--your parents are!!! >:o