Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Woman at Town Hall Says “Heil Hitler” to Jew and Mocks Him as He Makes Pro-Health Care Reform Argument

Here’s what were fighting against folks.  I’m going to keep posting these until these dolts return to their caves and sulk to death in their own sadness and hate. 

Below is a clip of an Israeli man making an argument for health care reform by comparing our system to what they have in Israel.  During his argument, a woman can be heard off to the side saying “Heil Hitler!”  As he rightfully chastises her, he explains that he is there because he needs health insurance.  In a classy, four year old child move, she starts to mock him by fake sobbing like a baby.

Keep exercising your right of free speech, assholes.  You’re really doing a terrific job pushing rational folks towards the exits of your already shrinking tent.

Many thanks to Think Progress.

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