Monday, August 24, 2009

Your Government and You! Part 1

Talidan here, feeling like a new series this week. After all of the hullabaloo about "keep gubment out of my Medicare" or "you don't want some Washington bureaucrat standing in the way", I thought it was time for a little pep talk for ol' guv. She's feeling blue for all she has done for you!

Here is part one:

She is 76 years old. She lives in Washington D.C. She employs 5,381 workers. She provides insurance to millions and millions. She is runs like a well oiled clock. Since her birth, not a single depositor has lost 1 cent of insured funds. Her mission- Sleep Tight. Her nickname "Big Chris". Her real name- FDIC. Perhaps it was her upbringing that causes her seriousness:

Can you imagine what would happen today? What if President Obama said, "Look. We need to start a government run corporation to oversee the banks. We need to insure the deposits of the customers. We need to regulate and supervise nonmember banks." Oh man I can see it now. "Keep the gubment out of my banks...wah wah wah, gubment bad, bank runs good!"

Your deposits are safe, thanks to the forward thinking of FDR and the FDIC!

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