Thursday, September 10, 2009

Address to Congress Renews Optimism Going Forward

As predicted, the President killed another important speech last night.  Meanwhile, during that same speech, Republicans solidified their positions as the biggest assholes in the country.

Before I discuss the speech, I would like to note a pattern coming from the White House that started last year during the election.  I’m going to call it the Rope Strategy, meaning, give your opponent enough rope and they will hang themselves.  While this strategy is simple, it’s also a gamble and the gambler is guaranteed to receive some lumps.  Plus, there has to be absolute certainty that the opponent has no real ideas or message. 

In this case, the White House essentially gave Conservatives the month of August. They sat back and let the gun toting, “Obama as a Nazi” sign holding, “Obama as the Joker” t-shirt wearing, town hall crazies run the show.  They also let the fear merchants and liars like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Betsy McCaughey get their messages out. 

As I said, lumps will be received with this strategy, and the White House took their fair share.  The Administration accounted for beatings as they made two bets.  First, the White House bet that they had the moral and political high ground.  Second, they bet that the crazies, in the end, would be viewed as crazy and the lies would be easily dismissed.  Last night, both bets paid off.

Today represents the tightening of the noose.  The President offered a clear, reasonable plan forward, a strong argument why we need reform, and a forceful rebuke of the last month’s shenanigans.  From this day forward, any member of Congress who finds themselves against regulations like ending coverage discrimination for pre-existing conditions, gender, or age is a heartless bastard.  Any Senator that warns of a Government takeover of health care with be exposed as a liar and a fear merchant.

As for the Republicans in general, unless they decide they want to be on the right side of history, they can forget being part of any conversation going forward.  They showed last night that they’re no better than the town hall protester they represent.  Frankly, they looked small and foolish while they waved their papers, texted, and heckled.  Any American that feels proud of the Republican display last night deserves their representation, because they’re not getting anything going forward. 

Overall, I’m happy with last night and am looking forward to the next few months.  My hope is that Democrats can come together and make the President’s vision a reality.  His proposal is sound and reasonable.  We may not get everything we want and we could be right back here in 10 or 15 years.  That said, this proposal is stronger than anything that has ever come forward.  We will get reform and I am optimistic that it will have teeth as well.

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