Thursday, September 10, 2009


hahahahahahahaha. TaliDan here. The Reagan Revolution lives. Thank Goodness parents of all Ilk have agreed on one thing.....KEEP SOCIALISM OUT OF MY PUBLIC SCHOOLS. How dare the President, the duly elected president of the Majority, speak to students today. I am quite certain it must be Kim Jong (license to) Il. Let's compare Ideologies!...for history's sake. read or watch.

Or we could listen to a real Leader trying not to Indoctrinate students!

Change the Constitution! (Negro's..really?)

I would hate to see students feel like students were being swayed by indoctrination.

I mean here is Bush Sr. for cryin' out loud. You talk about nazifascsocilaistanarchism.
That is how you talk to students.

Enough hypocrisy, enjoy some non-political lightheartedness!
I mean come on!

Sorry bad link.

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