Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bachmann – “government can’t compete with private industry.”

One of the opposition’s most consistent arguments against health care reform has been that private industry can’t compete with the United States Government.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele

"The president claims that more government involvement in health care will promote competition. However, creating such a government-run entity would result in a massive government health care monopoly. Private insurers would soon be put out of business, unable to compete with the subsidized government-run plan the president and liberals want."

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

"A new government-run plan would stack the deck against any would-be competitors. The private sector has to pay taxes; the government collects taxes. The private sector has to account for its employees and benefits, while maintaining minimum reserve requirements; the government does not. The private sector pays whatever rates it negotiates with providers; the government dictates payments."

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA)

"Businesses will, in effect, be forced to send employees into the Democrats' government-run health care. It's really not something to argue about, it is a fact. A private health insurance system, otherwise known as what we have today, will not be able to compete with a taxpayer-subsidized government plan, and businesses faced with growing health care costs will opt to either lay off more workers or send employees into the government plan."

Forget the fact that competition is the foundation upon which capitalism sits.  No, they’re too busy fighting socialism as well as working to keep insurance bureauocracy, enormous profits, and CEO salaries to recognize that they are fighting to stop fair competition, a/k/a capitalism.

Fortunately, we have Michele Bachmann.  She recognizes capitalism when she sees it!  It is her opinion that in a head to head, Government doesn’t stand a chance against private industry:

And as far as liberals go, they want the government literally to control every aspect of our lives.  We saw that with student loans.  They put in a quotes [sic] public option for student loans, government couldn't take the competition because the private sector was outperforming by far, so they shut out any private student loans.  Today all student loans have to be public or government run.  They'll do the same thing in health care, government can't compete with private industry - they're not as innovative, they're not as quick on their feet, they're not as cheap, they're not as high quality.  And so this is what they want - ultimately, this is the goal of socialism, to have government take over every aspect of the private sector.

Alright!  This is what I’m talking about!  Rep. Bachmann, if you’re so sure a private plan will fail miserably, then why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and make it a reality.  If a private plan can’t compete, then nobody will take it, and you can do your “I told you so” dance right into another term.  I’m willing to bet you’re wrong.  Let’s find out, shall we?

h/t to Steve Benen.


  1. She is saying that private entities cannot fairly compete against a fellow "competitor" who just happens to make the rules of the game... OH, and also has the ability to run deficits in the tens of trillions.

    A private company can run at a loss for only so long... the government?  Shoot, they can run losses indifinately and just continue to borrow from the Chinese and print more money.

    That's what Bachmann was talking about, nitwit.

    Government competes in the private sector like a shark in a swimming pool.

    Honestly, do yourself and your nation a favor and learn some economics.

  2. Eric,
    Your statements mirror those of Steele, Ryan, and Jindal found at the top of the article.  You believe that the Government can't compete fairly and will therefore kill private insurance as we know it.  So do they.  Bachmann, on the other hand, believes that Government can't do anything right and, therefore, will fail miserably.  She says, that Government can't compete with private industry.  As I say above, I'm willing to take that bet.

    Now, seeing as how you read everything completely backwards, as well as defend Michele Bachmann of all people, why don't you do our nation a favor and learn how to read, Ass Hat!  I think I understand the economics of this situation just fine, thank you very much!