Thursday, October 8, 2009

Christ, Oklahoma, Why Don’t You Just Mark Them With A Scarlet “A” and Place Them In the Public Stockade?

Frankly, I don’t even know how to kick this one off, so I’ll let the story handle it:

A new Oklahoma law requires physicians to disclose detailed information on women's abortions to the State's Department Of Health, which will then post the collected data on a public website. The controversial measure comes into effect on November 1 and will cost $281,285 to implement, $256,285 each subsequent year to maintain.

Oklahoma women undergoing abortion procedures will be legally forced to reveal:

1) Date of abortion
2) Country in which abortion is performed
3) Age of mother
4) Marital status of mother
5) Race of mother
6) Years of education of mother
7) State or foreign country of residence of mother
8) Total number of previous pregnancies of the mother

Proponents of the legislation claim that women should not be concerned over their privacy since no names or "personal information" will be reported. This defense is questionable. Feminists For Choice argues, "In reviewing the actual text of the law, the first 8 questions that will be asked and reported could easily be used to identify any member of a smaller community."

For all of the right’s false claims of losing liberties, they seem to have no problem taking away liberties from others, especially when it suits their agenda.  I am also glad that the price tag was mentioned.  Half a million a year to operate a shame site instead of paying for education, counseling, or any number of other positive things that could ultimately reduce abortions.  No, instead they’re going to scare women who, I am sure, are quite scared enough.

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