Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teabaggin’ 09 – Flash Mob Fails to Materialize, "If this is organized, we suck."

Last night, members of the Tea Party Patriots received an email saying that if they were in driving distance of DC, then they should meet at the steps of the Capitol Building to protest the House health care bill, which was unveiled earlier this morning.

Say, how was that turnout?

It certainly wasn't the "flash mob" organizers were hoping for, but a small but determined group of Tea Party Patriots gathered on the Capitol Lawn this morning to protest the announcement of a final House health care reform bill.

TPMDC counted about 10 Tea Partiers holding signs denouncing a "government takeover" of health care and looking with disdain as House Democrats gathered on the Capitol Steps. They stood in a larger group of protesters from other groups, mostly focused on abortion rights.

Joann Abbott, a grandmother from Northern Virginia, made the drive to the protest this morning after seeing the email sent by Tea Party leaders last night. When asked if she was part of the "flash mob," she laughed. "I'm here on my own," she said, looking around at the scattered protesters around her. "If this is organized, we suck."

I’m happy to hear that Ms. Abbott has finally realized the truth.

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