Monday, December 14, 2009

It Wouldn’t Be Like This if They’d Just Do What We Hired Them To Do

Check out this little blurb from Tegan Goddard’s Political Wire:

The latest Public Policy Polling survey finds Democrats barely holding on to a lead in the generic congressional ballot test, 44% to 42%.
Key findings: 59% of voters now disapprove of Congressional Democrats compared to just 28% who think they're doing a good job. The Republicans are still slightly more unpopular, with 61% disapproving and 24% approving.

No shit?  59% disapprove?  Wonder why?  Oh, I know, it’s because they can’t seem to pass the things the majority of voters wanted when they originally voted November 2008!  Take health care reform, because that’s been the big issue for most of the year, right?  Instead of giving Americans decent health care reform, the public has watched a decent bill disintegrate right before their eyes.  These people obviously don’t have the cajones to do what is right.  As a result, they lose the trust and respect of the nation.

Solution?  Give the people what they want!

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