Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alright, Conservatives, Here’s the President you Requested

I’m so sick of all the conservative pundits complaining that our President didn’t react quick enough or forceful enough after that douche tried blow up a plane with his jock.  The truth is that yes, there’s a problem with how we gather and interpret intelligence.  Glenn Greenwald argued yesterday that by surveilling everything, there is too much information to effectively find the bad guys. 

That aside, as Gene Lyons wrote, do we really need to be afraid of al-Qaeda?  I mean, the guy tried, and failed, to set off his underwear.  This is the best they have.  Frankly, bomb shelters don’t really come to my mind.  Rather, I think SNL skits are more in order.

This, however, doesn’t jive with the chicken shits on the right.  Nope, the President didn’t come home fast enough.  He didn’t speak about it fast enough.  He doesn’t use scary words like “Terrorist” enough.  Blah, blah, blah.  I’m convinced that the only time these people are happy is when their adult diapers are full of fear.

That is why this clip via Air America is so incredible awesome.  Choke on this, yellow bellies!

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