Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look What I Found Buried in My Internet Attic!

atticIt’s been a long time, hasn’t it?  Before today, the last time you heard from me, I was complaining about Olympic coverage.  That’s a long time ago.  Nine days short of two years to be exact.  During that time, I pretty much gave up on the whole blogging thing.  I was burned out.  I was disillusioned.  I was done. 

I let the original domain go* figuring I’d never return, or if I did, I’d always have the free BlogSpot domain name to satisfy any urges to spill my guts all over the intertubes.  Truth is, I really let my social internet presence go to hell.  My Twitter account has been overrun by the standard Twitter weeds of “Social Media Gurus” and girls looking for dates.  I started whoring Twitter feed to advertisers selling electronic cigarettes and cheap glasses, thinking I could make a fast buck.  So very sad.  While I still have connections via Google+ and Facebook, I’ve pretty much lost touch with just about everybody I met during 2009 and am sure that my slutty Twitter feed ruined any good will I had built up.  It was incredibly flaky and for that, I am truly sorry.

The good news, for at least me, is, I kept checking into the site.  Sure there was nothing going on, but I was enjoying reading what I had wrote and remembered the fun I did have.  So, I secured a new domain name and updated the look of the site. I think I’ll have another go at this thing.  I don’t think I’ll match the 600+ posts of 2009 or will promote the site as aggressively as before.  This is for me and I hope you have as much enjoyment reading it as I do writing it.

Now, since the site has been dead for so long, I lost pretty much all of my followers, which weren’t that many to begin with.  I probably has as many people reading as Christian Slater had listening when he ran his pirate radio station in “Pump Up the Volume.”  Right now, I kind of feel like he did when he stared his station and nobody listened.  That’s cool.  I don’t mind.

*Speaking of the old domain name, it now belongs to a Japanese teeth whitening company and is owned by an individual named Yamaguchi.  How you get teeth whitening out of andrewtisonthecut is beyond me.  Surely somebody can enlighten me. 

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