Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have a Pre-existing Condition? Know Somebody With One? Then the AHCA is for You!

Chances are you know somebody with some sort of pre-existing medical condition.  My father has a ton of them.  He lost a foot of colon to cancer in his 40s.  Had a massive stroke in his late 50s.  He’s lucky to have had the crappy insurance he had.  I share this because I know somebody with a pre-existing condition.  You might too.  They may have had trouble getting insurance and it was perfectly legal for insurance companies to deny them coverage.

With the Affordable Health Care Act, folks with pre-existing conditions are covered.  Best of all, if you don’t have a current condition, you may in the future.  Should something happen in said future, then insurance companies cannot deny you coverage!  It’s insurance on your insurance!!!

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the AHCA and they can decide the law is unconstitutional.  That would be unfortunate.  If you have a couple of minutes, check out this short clip from Doctor’s for America explaining one of the more important aspects of this law.

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